Our Story

Hi, my name is Maria. I am the owner, designer and maker of thelipstickdiaries jewellery together with my husband Theo.
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Following is the story of how thelipstickdiaries came to life until now:

I have extensively studied and worked in Marketing until the age of 27. With my bachelor in management and marketing and my MBA in business and entrepreneurship, I had been perfectly equipped to work full time in the London software industry for the rest of my life. However, in July 2013, I decided to quit my job very unexpectedly for most colleagues, friends and family. For a while, I longed to be my own boss and for some weeks prior to my resignation I had been playing with the idea of starting my own business. Then one day I decided to take the plunge.

I just jumped head over heels into creating my thelipstickdiaries jewellery line and never looked back.

When I started thelipstickdiaries, I definitely knew how to market myself, but I had no knowledge of how to make jewellery at all. Since then my jewellery making skills came a long way. I remember nights and nights reading books and watching tutorials online to learn and improve. I am mainly self taught which really shows that if you love doing something, you can really succeed, because you will not give up easily.

My favourite techniques are classic and "old fashioned" metalsmithing techniques such as hand forging to shape delicate wires and cutting out from sheet metals, which then are soldered to create my pieces. I do also enjoy traditional techniques of setting stones into metal by hand.

I do pay close attention to every detail, for example always soldering all jump rings closed and using solid gold solder for gold filled. Those little details are signs of premium quality pieces and they are what makes my line different. Each handcrafted piece is made with love and is one of a kind.

My early customers know me from selling my pieces all around London from my market stalls at Camden Town, Brick Lane and Portobello Road Market each weekend. I had a very hard start and it was not easy, but I persisted. After heaps of patience and daily learning new things at lightning speed, my line became more and more successful after time and a couple of years later I needed help. I talked to my boyfriend Theo (now husband) about what I should do and he replied happily and excitedly: I can help you!

At first, I thought he was joking but it turns out that most of the designs that he now makes are much neater and more accurate than I could produce them, for example the string bracelets and the Lucky Stone Series. It has proved that we are a good team and we have enjoyed working together since 2016. After some time, we moved back to Austria from London and sold there at various designer markets in many cities during 2016 and 2017. After some time though, my husband longed to be home in his country (Greece) too, so in the summer of 2018, we decided to open our first permanent location together in Mykonos. Our little jewellery shop is now open since 2018 for 6 months during each summer season. In the winter we go back to my home, Austria. This way, we can both be near our families for at least a good part of the year.

Our jewellery is designed and handcrafted by either Theo and/or me in Greece or Austria using 925 Sterling Silver, 14ct Gold Fill (yellow and rosé) and 14ct Solid Gold as my preferred metals of choice. We also use high quality threads and gemstones sourced from all over the world.

Our line features beautiful, elegant and understated jewellery which is designed and made for everyday wear. We have a passion for quality, driven by our belief that "they don't make it like they used to". We create and test each piece of jewellery to last, even though you will wear it obsessively because it just goes with everything… :)

Each piece you buy from this shop is truly handmade with love and care by us for you <3

Maria & Theo